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It is our qualifications, experience, attitude and many other factors that would determine our suitability to apply for vacancies that would be advertised in various media. Applying for jobs would not guarantee the fact that you would succeed in securing one of them.

From the time you see the vacancies to the time that you would be called for an interview there are many factors in between which would be considered by the prospective employers on your suitability to be called up for the first interview.

Your cv which is your first line of introduction, and prior to any other contact between you and the prospective employer should be impressive enough to draw their attention and consider you to be called for the first interview.

If it is Topjobs that you are interested in and have the required proficiency to apply for such vacancies then your cv should carry the weight of what you have to offer the prospective employer, to get him to notice your suitability and warrant an interview with you.

Our friendly staff at rakiyawa would help you with many aspects, and provide valuable and important tips from the time you select new jobs that you have perused and intend applying, for. We would provide the A-Z of all the pluses that you would need to harness to succeed in top jobs, even if you do have the necessary requirements to succeed in the job.

Our expertise at rakiyawa is very wide and we have some very knowledgeable staff, who would take each of our applicants through a very rigorous familiarization program which would ensure that they are ready to face anything thrown at them by an interviewer. 

The best jobs available in the market does not come on a platter, but you could work towards securing one, which would entirely depend on how you handle the pressure of securing it and the ability to hold on to it.

Rakiyawa would train and provide you the tips to successfully handle live interviews, upload video resumes for prospective employers to peruse, provide crucial and important tips to handle the pressure in online video interviews and many others depending on what you would face, prior to making the bid of securing top jobs.